Sarria to Portomarin

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Albergues between Sarria and Portomarin:

9 comments on “Sarria to Portomarin
  1. Fantastic! Thanks for all your effort! We will be walking from Sarria to Santiago and then travel on to Finisterre in September 2013

  2. ans says:

    Albergue Casa Barbadelo in Barbadelo, voor mij een dikke 10! geweldige alberque!

  3. Colin Boylan says:

    Casa Barbadelo is excellent.

  4. jakub.kingas says:

    Hallo, please could you help me? Because I don’t know how to get to Sarria from Santiago. Thanks! James

  5. Mary says:

    We will be walking Sarria to Santiago this September. We will arrive in Madrid. Is the best way to Sarria via train? Does this train need to be booked in advance or can we get tickets at the train station?
    Also, so we need to book rooms along the route ahead of time or will we be able to find accommodations as we travel? Our plan is to use the Brierley guide.

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