Can I walk from St. Jean to Santiago de Compostela in 27 Days?

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Can I walk from St. Jean to Santiago de Compostela in 27 Days? If at all its not doable, where would you suggest I start from? Will Pamplona be a good option?

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13 comments on “Can I walk from St. Jean to Santiago de Compostela in 27 Days?
  1. Øyvind says:

    I used 30 days, which is an averagedistance 26,6 km a day – but as long as you are fit, and meet no problems – you can do it even faster!:o)

  2. Slimybogey says:

    I did it in 28 days from St Jean and could have done it faster if I’d been fitter/had better footwear. It was my first camino so I wasn’t as prepared as for subsequent ones. It’s perfectly doable in 27 days if you have average fitness and good kit.

  3. Irish says:

    I also did it from St. Jean after 28 days continuous walking with a 2 day break in León (30 day programme in all). Followed John Brierley’s Guide Book until Burgos, then settled into a pattern walking a little further each day than guide stages.
    Averaging 30km a day based on a distance of 790km from St. Jean to Santiago, will get you there in 26.33 days.  Yep, that’s doable. Buen Camino!    

  4. AbieJMartin says:

    I presume you can if you have a solid reason and the fitness-level to do it but being a slow walker, wanting to see and experience at a slower pace I would not want to do it.

  5. Bajzo says:

    Yes, I did it in 27 days, but next time I’ll be slower :)

  6. It’s possible – but it doesn’t leave time for you to stop and smell the roses.  I did a little 5 day test on the Camino and the next time I go I think I’ll plan to average 17-20 km a day. More than that and I start to focus only on the walking and not anything else around me and it’s my surroundings I’d like to experience too, not just the inner journey.

  7. aromadealbahaca says:

    Don’t miss the beggining from St. Jean or at least from Roncesvalles. I’d only 15 days and decide to do the beggining from St. Jean to Logroño, there I took a train to Galicia and then re began at Pedrafita do Cebreiro and finish in Santiago. Next time I’ll do the whole Camino. I’d no experience at all and walk 20/25km/day with no problem at all. You’re lucky for being planning your Camino now! Ultreya!

  8. stefan says:

    yes it is possible , just try to avoid tendinitis or some kind of other physical problems that can slow you down

  9. Carmen Cotoc says:

    yes,I walk 26 days from St.Jean to Santiago.Buen Camino!!!!!

  10. Ana Burgers says:

    If you’re perhaps in average (but not extremely good) shape, you might consider starting around Logroño. I walked from El Burgo Ranero (1 day before Mansilla de las Mulas) to Santiago in 15 days, and met up with some people who had started in Burgos a week before. 5 more days would put you around Logroño. That was a nice, steady pace; between 20-25km most days, though some days I got up as high as 29.
    Another thought would be to start in Burgos, walk the 22 days to Santiago, spend 2 days there enjoying the city, and then walk the 3 final days to either Finisterre or Muxía. I´ve done that stage too…it was worth it!

  11. Marie-lou says:

    Certainement vous le pouvez,avec un bébé aussi à la condition de marcher lentement,plus longtemps avec plusieurs haltes durant la journée

  12. Sorry, that’s a stupid question. The Way cannot be done in one day or in a hundred, If you are really doing the Way, it will never end for you. But if your question is if someone can walk 800 kms in 27 days, the answer is yes, but if you think about the time, you are not a pilgrim.

  13. bojan p says:

    Yes , if you are physically well prepared… I did it in 24 days…6-8 hours walk per day .. however you will meet so many people .Good luck and Buen Camino!!!!!.

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