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“All” Albergues on the Camino Frances in one pdf Version March 2014_2

“All” Albergues on the Camino Frances in one pdf

  1. BlackDog
    Inspired by some previous work on lists of albergues and seeking a combined list of references for albergues on the Camino Frances that brought various strands of information together in one place, we decided to produce such a single list. One of the drivers was to be able to store this digitally and access it on the camino from a mobile phone or tablet.

    The list was produced by trawling through guide books, internet sites and any other reference material. It does not deal with double or single rooms just simple pilgrim albergue accommodation. There are probably some that we have missed, some that are no longer in operation some where the details are in error but it is the best list that we have seen available to pilgrims.

    We have, for 2013, removed the stages and distances from the file. Firstly because the stages are different for everyone and secondly as the distances vary from source to source and every peregrino's experience is different.

    We welcome feedback comment on errors, omissions and amendments. We understand that for some the printing will be too small and apologise for trying to fit a litre into a 750ml bottle.

    For those peregrinos who are keen to use this as base for their own lists the original Excel spreadsheet may be made available by special request.

    This list of albergues on the Camino Francés has been created and is maintained by:

Recent Reviews

  1. miron
    Version: Version March 2014_2
    thank you for your helpful information!!!
  2. lizaresandrea
    Version: Version March 2014_2
    Thank you for compiling and continually updating all this very helpful information. I will appreciate an excell file that I can edit so as to reduce the length of the list, though.
  3. SkuDah
    Version: Version March 2014_2
    So helpful - thanks to everyone who has contributed to this.
  4. bareszko
    Version: February 2014 Version
    well done but the list can be a bit confusing. For example, there are only one municipal albergue in SJPP (6EUR/night) the rests are private. Most of them don't give you the choise for "only bed" the places have full service with dinner&breakfast that you have to use. There are also several places between Roncesvalles and Zubiri which are not on this list. Why?
    1. BlackDog
      Author's Response
      If you'd like to point out which albergues are missing we will include them. Why are they missing? Because we don't know about them probably is the answer.
  5. LinK
    Version: February 2014 Version
    Amazing! Thank you so much! Would be great to see an updated list of Camino del Norte albergues as well.
    1. BlackDog
      Author's Response
      Not one that we've done, I'm afraid.
  6. ivar
    Version: February 2014 Version
    Great resource!
  7. barber1586
    Version: V3 Sept 2013
    Thank you, David and Arlene, for putting this resource together. It is much appreciated!
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