Hotel rooms rather than hostels?

Can you recommend a good hotel in Santiago de Compostela?

The question was:

Would it be too tabu to get a hotel room each night rather than a hostel? My husband and I like our own bathroom.

Read this conversation on Hotel rooms rather than albergues/hostels on the Camino de Santiago here.

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6 comments on “Hotel rooms rather than hostels?
  1. jlh64 says:

    the point surely, with the camino, is that it is your journey to do as you wish. A hotel – well – after Saria, was wonderful…. clean beds and a private bathroom with no noisy room mates. However. One of the joys of the Camino is the camaraderie of your fellow peregrinos – so – why not mix and match? Some hostels are truly wonderful… I have such fond memories of Rabinal – also of Cizar Menor – what a wonderful group of folks…. But it’s your journey – do it your way.

  2. Woelflein says:

    Why should it be too taboo? I’d guess pilgrims in former times used every luxury, every shortcut and everything that would have made their pilgrimage a little easier. It’s just nowadays that people/pilgrims often seek ways of asceticism/self-punishment/extremes/… You’re the only person that has to feel okay with the way you do the camino. If you want to stay in hotels/private albergues, why not. If you’re curious about experiences with the other pilgrims, do that too. It’s your way, and you should know what you want to get out of it.

    Buen camino.

  3. jean seddon says:

    Do it your way!

  4. iatataxi says:

    We did it !! The key of achievement

    • Olivares says:

      The key to achievement is to get on the Camino and live it. Where you laid your head at night is incidental. To think it should mean that much is actually dictating what the Camino shall be for others, which in itself goes against everything it is.

  5. Colin Boylan says:

    My wife Mary and I along with Austin and Pauline Patterson left SJPDP on 27th May 2013 and arrived Santiago 2nd July. For the first few weeks we stayed in Albergues but being in the 60+ age bracket decided that if we wanted to complete the Camino we needed to be able to sleep at night. The Pensions and Casas give you a quiet night and your own bathroom. Details of our accommodation can be seen on our blog which was posted daily during our walk.

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