How do I get from Bayonne to SJPP (Saint Jean Pied de Port)


How do I get from bayonne to SJPP (Saint Jean Pied de Port)

The quetion was:

I found that there is no train service form Bayonne to Saint Jean Pied de Port, but there is a bus service (is this true?). Can you help me to book a seat and find the address from where the bus depart?

Read the good advice on getting from Bayonne to  SJPP (Saint Jean Pied de Port) here.

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  • David McDevitt

    There is a local train that runs rather regularly.  The ride is reasonalbly short and comfortable.  I’d recommend staying the night in SJPP and starting the next day.

  • Mickael Verbeke

    if you would like to walk this part, the best way to go is to follow the small river Nive to Villefranque, Ustaritz and eventually arrive at Itxassou. There you follow the path “Pas de Roland to Biderai where you can stay the night. After this you just follow the river again to SJPDP

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