Is Via de la Plata really not walkable in July?

The question was:

Is it really not doable in July? Has anybody done it and strongly advises not to do it?

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5 comments on “Is Via de la Plata really not walkable in July?
  1. Mike Miller says:

    May 17/2011

    Yes it is Hot!!! in July & August – However the daylight starts early. This makes
    for great morning light for photos – Even a Phone/Camera takes good photos in the early morning light!!

  2. windchillfactor says:

    Too Hot in sevilla!

    even the locals find it too hot

  3. pruden says:

    Don’t do it if you have any alternative , May , April would be the best time for optimal weather and temperature! !

  4. Christof Maria Kaiser says:

    i walked from end of february till begin of april and it was already 30 degrees in andalucia/extremadura sometimes in the mittle of the day. (but almost zero in the night *brrrrr*) some stretches could be extremly hard in the heat in the summer. BUT it´s your way and if u JUST have time in july and u don´t want to walk any other camino . DO IT ! Water and shade will be you´r most neccesary things to look after ! bon camino !

  5. Teresa Bochenek says:

    I walked there from the end of August… it was very hot ( hot boiling).. If you like it – can go…Everything depends of what you prefer…

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