Easter in Santiago de Compostela

Easter is around the corner and the local government has presented a new website that is focused on presenting the easter program. As you may know, in Spain easter is know for their easter easter processions (see photo).

In Santiago de Compostela this year there will be 14 of these processions. Each procession walks a different route, click on one to see the route and to get some more historical information on each route. It seems like English is not available.

For more information on the easter celebrations in Santiago de Compostela, have a look here:


To get an idea of what a procession is like, have a look at this video:

Big waves in Coruña

We have had some strong winds in Galicia in the last few days, but nothing out of the ordinary. Even so, the waves at sea has been enormous.

The light house of Cabo Vilan (just north of Finisterre) recorded waves of up to 20 meters yesterday, and as you can see on the beach-front in La Coruña large amounts of water entered the city.

The weather report can report of calmer weather from now on. 🙂

HAPE KERKELING in the New York Times

March 8th 2008, the German author Hape Kerkeling was featured in the New York Times in relation to his book “I’m Off for a Bit, Then,”. This book is about his camino to Santiago and has lead to making the camino popular in Germany.

HAPE KERKELING is the kind of comedian who is not above putting on funny wigs and false teeth to get a laugh. His best-known character, Horst Schlämmer, is a tiresome, booze-addled reporter for a small-town German paper who snorts when he laughs, revealing a mouthful of nasty dental work, and paws any young woman within reach.

Read the rest of the Hape Kerkeling article here

What will the weather be like on your camino?

The weather is something that many are worried about before heading out. At the higher elevations, snow and cold weather have stoped many pilgrims that have not been ready, there has even been pilgrims that has died.

So what kind of weather can you expect?

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