Chove en Santiago (Raining in Santiago)

Luar na Lubre (more on them at Wikipedia here) is one of the most known groups from Galicia and I thought it would be fitting to add this video to the blog today since it has been raining in Santiago for the last 2 weeks. We need the water…. but some sun would be nice now.

The video and the song is great, so enjoy!

Bus schedules traveling to and from Santiago de Compostela

This is a list of bus companies that I compiled back in 2005, but i think it can still be useful for those of you that are looking for bus schedules to/from a specific place in Galicia.

The links to the bus companies are still working, but please note that route information below might not be update.

Most of these routes can now be booked over at Camino Travel Center

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Travelodge to open hotels along the camino francés?

El Correo Gallego reports today that Travelodge are considering building hotels along the camino francés. They had some initial meetings with the Xunta in Galicia recently.

Travelodge is a low-cost hotel that, if they actually do this, would offer pilgrims a room for about €35,- / night.

I wonder if some of the spirit of the camino will be gone if pilgrims sleep in Travelodge’s instead of the local albergue?

Bikes the Camino in 24 hours

Most pilgrims walk from Roncesvalles to Santiago in about 30 days, Julián Sanz has decided that he would like to bike this distance in 24 hours.

Why stop at albergues when your first bed is ready and made for you in Santiago?

So, this Saturday he will start in Roncesvalles and with his  support-car he hopes to be in Santiago some time Sunday. El Correo Gallego reports today that he will be using a gps device on his bike, so that it will be possible to track his progress on his website: , but at the moment this website does not seem to be down.

I guess he is still a pilgrim, in his own way. Although many will probably disagree… at least he does not take up space in the albergues along the way 🙂