Monthly Archive: June 2008

Galicia Promotes the Camino 0

Galicia Promotes the Camino

[tube]PaoUOynO9mY[/tube] Turgalicia is responsale for the promoton of Galicia to the rest of the world. The Camino is ofcourse and important part of this promotion.

Spas in Galicia 0

Spas in Galicia

You might not know this, but Galicia have several hot springs. Around these hot springs there are usually one or more Spas, or as they are know in Spain, Balnearios. The video clip above...

“El pórtico de la Gloria” under restoration 0

“El pórtico de la Gloria” under restoration

These days the restoration work of the famous “Pórtico de la Gloria” in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is getting started. The actual restoration work has not yet started, but the walk ways...