How to travel to your camino starting point

Travel to the Camino de Santiago

Many questions that we get in the forum are related to “I am flying in from X and need to get to my camino starting point Y” and then the conversation goes on how to best travel within Spain.

Early on we created a section in the forum, just for those kinds of questions and we have over 1600 posts with suggestions and questions on this topic.

Many of these questions includes mentions of either a bus company or the train in Spain. But it is also worth mentioning that you can get some good prices and deals on domestic flights in Spain. Many times these flights are cheaper than bus/train, and takes a fraction of time.

Have a look at the forum for how you might travel to your starting point.

Vueling and Clickair to merge

Vuelign ClickairThe Wall Street Journal reports today that the two low cost airlines, Vueling and Clickair has decided to merge. They will still fly under the Vueling brand.

Clickair was a spin off from Iberia only a few years ago, but the raising fuel prices seems to have made this merger neccesary.

For pilgrim traveling in and out of Santiago de Compostela the news could be better, since the major routes from Santiago (to Madrid and Barcelona) now is served by fewer airlines and this often means higher prices.

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Bed Bug alert

Bed bug
This was reported on July 7th 2008 by Gareth Thomas:

This information is current and to alert pilgrims further back down the Camino Frances to a bed bug situation in Hontanas.

There are three pilgrims here at Boadilla this evening who have all come from the Hontanas Municipal hostal with multiple bed bug bites, and there is a definite bed bug risk there. NOTE: the other hostal in Hontanas is the Puntido and that is NOT the place where the bed bugs are reported.

More on the bed bug issues here.

What sleeping bag is best?

Sleeping bag for the Camino de Santiago
Many pilgrims ask in the forum about “What sleeping bag should I take on my pilgrimage?”. Some bring one from home and some buy one once they arrive in Spain.

The answer to this question depends ofcourse on when, and what camino you are walking. Here is one post realted to sleeping bags on the Via de la Plata from Sevilla for example.

Or as this topic indicates, “Do you really need one?“.

For more usefull links on the “sleeping bag” topic have a look here.