Maps for the Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago Map
Camino de Santiago Map

Maps are a popular topic in the forum, some thing that a map is not needed since the way-markings are sufficient, while others like to have a map “just in case”.

So for those that like maps, which one is the best?

There are several threads in the forum on this topic and here are some suggestions for The Camino Frances map.The CSJ has a larger Camino map here. Peter Robins has a great map page located here.

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Holy Year 2010 with 6 Pilgrims Masses per Day


The video above shows a press conference in Santiago were the Catholic Church in Santiago presented their plan for next years Holy Year celebrations. Fore those not fluent in Galician, here are some points:

  • There will be 6 pilgrims masses per day.
  • There will be a max of 1200 people allowed into the cathedral at any time. There will be guards outside controlling the entrances.
  • They are still trying to get the pope to visits Santiago next year. Nothing has been confirmed yet.
  • Plaza Quintana (behind the cathedral) will be used less for “events” like concerts next year, to make room for pilgrims lining up to go through the Holy door.

At the end of the video clip there are some pictures form a City Council meeting in Santiago were they also discussed some new items that they are working on for pilgrims next year. One of them is a luggage storage facility in “Xoan 23”, close to the entrance to Plaza de Obradoiro.

The Camino Travel Center helping pilgrims on their Travels


If you are planning to travel to Santiago de Compostela, and need help with arranging reserving a bed along the Camino, or getting a bus or plane ticket to get home, the Camino Travel Center can help you. We will also store luggage and parcels that you might want to ship ahead to Santiago while walking. Some clean, dry clothes is always nice to ship ahead to Santiago.

The Camino Travel Center is run by the owner of this website, Ivar Rekve. The Camino Travel Center office is open from 10.00 to 13.00 each weekday


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