Winter Camino – 20 tips

A pilgrim that have walked the Camino in Winter shares 20 tips for walking in this time of the year: Winter Camino: 20 tips You don’t need a lot of clothes, but the ones you have need to be very functional. (I like ultra fine merino wool, my husband likes hi tech synthetics) Two full…

Scared of dogs?

A pilgrim recently wrote in the forum: So I’ll be walking this June/July, going the Ourense route, hiking solo. Here’s the thing: I am *TERRIFIED* of dogs. (I was bitten when I was little.). Everyone says, “Carry a stick with you for the dogs.” OK, great. What do I *do* with the stick??? Read more…

Crime on the camino

Crime is not really a problem on the Camino. If anything happens, many times they do on the way to or from the Camino. This pilgrim talks about one experience he/she had in Madrid: A few days ago I was jumped and robbed whilst waiting for the lift to my fourth floor hostal in Madrid….

WiFi along the Camino de Santiago

Many pilgrims are walking with a device that can connect to WiFi hot-spots, a good way of sending messages and photos back home to friends and family. Have a look in the Camino de Santiago forum for some good advice on Wifi along the Camino de Santiago.