Winter Camino – 20 tips

A pilgrim that have walked the Camino in Winter shares 20 tips for walking in this time of the year: Winter Camino: 20 tips You don’t need a lot of clothes, but the ones you have need to be very functional. (I like ultra fine merino wool, my husband likes hi tech synthetics) Two full…

Scared of dogs?

A pilgrim recently wrote in the forum: So I’ll be walking this June/July, going the Ourense route, hiking solo. Here’s the thing: I am *TERRIFIED* of dogs. (I was bitten when I was little.). Everyone says, “Carry a stick with you for the dogs.” OK, great. What do I *do* with the stick??? Read more…

Crime on the camino

Crime is not really a problem on the Camino. If anything happens, many times they do on the way to or from the Camino. This pilgrim talks about one experience he/she had in Madrid: A few days ago I was jumped and robbed whilst waiting for the lift to my fourth floor hostal in Madrid….

WiFi along the Camino de Santiago

Many pilgrims are walking with a device that can connect to WiFi hot-spots, a good way of sending messages and photos back home to friends and family. Have a look in the Camino de Santiago forum for some good advice on Wifi along the Camino de Santiago.

What exactly is a Holy Year?

A forum member ask: I walked the Camino Frances in 2003 and again in 2007 and was thinking about doing the northern route in May 2010. . .until I realised it is a Holy Year. What exactly IS a Holy Year, why is it so popular, and how much will it affect traffic for the…

Poncho for the Camino de Santiago

Ponchos have been recommended in the Camino forum since they give the protection fro the rain, but also let air flow underneath so the heat your body produces can get out. I have always preferred using a rain jacket and trousers to a poncho. In Late August we set off from Roncesvalles in torrential rain….

The Kindle, a perfect pilgrim gadget?

October 18th 2009 start to sell the Kindle e-Book reader internationally. This new version will have wireless access in over 100 countries around the world. The kindle can store over 1500 books, battery life is long (a week or longer). You can add your own pdf files on it, and this makes it great…

Pilgrim diet

Cafe Suso Originally uploaded by Ivar in Santiago If you are walking the cvamino you need to eat well… and enjoy yourself. Once in Santiago I recomend a stop by Cafe Suso (next to the tourist office) and try 1 cafe con leche and 1 Tarta de Santiago. Hmmm.. 🙂

Techno Geek’s Guide to the Camino

Much of this Forum’s questions are related to various technology issues that pilgrims want to address prior to leaving on their Camino. I have tried to capture as much of the information from various people’s posts to pull together a single location for information that will be a primer for future pilgrims to turn to….

Camino de Santiago Snoring

On the Camino people snore. There is no way you can get around it, that when many people sleep in the same room, there will be one of them that will suffer from this…problem. Because of this earplugs have become a very important piece of equipment for pilgrims.