Monthly Archive: January 2011

“The Way” on Netflix soon? 4

“The Way” on Netflix soon?

The movie about the Camino de Santiago “The Way” has appeared on the Netflix website. They note that: “This title is Unavailable” ..but we are one step closer to release. It will most likely be released in...

Buying Rail Tickets on RENFE 0

Buying Rail Tickets on RENFE

The question was: Based on what I have read on a travel forum (Fodor’s), RENFE now has a policy that unless you have actually purchased a train ticket while physically in Spain during the...

Which guidebook for good maps? 0

Which guidebook for good maps?

The question was: I am open to suggestions for German or Spanish guidebooks – as long as they have good maps! But I would prefer english. (not a great idea to carry a heavy...

Rainpants or gaiters ? 1

Rainpants or gaiters ?

The question was: I will be walking the “Norte” in May, wonder if I should invest in gaiters as well, as the weather seems to be wetter on this route than anywhere else. I...

A smoke free Camino 2

A smoke free Camino

The question was: As of today, Spain has introduced one of the strictest bans around due to the scary statistics that 160 Spaniards a day die from smoking related illness, 4 of those people...

Albergue Etiquette 11

Albergue Etiquette

The question was: We’re newbies, starting next September from Oporto. Could someone outline what are the “dos” and “don’ts” of staying at an albergue? Read this interesting conversation on Albergue Etiquette here.

Best way to get from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid 5

Best way to get from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid

The question was: Hi, I’m not sure if this has been posted elsewhere, but I can’t seem to find any details which surprises me because I would have thought there would be a few...

ATM Availability 1

ATM Availability

The question was: I know there are lots of ATMs on the France Route but what about this one? Can I count on easy access to ATMs in all but the smallest towns? Is...

Deaf Pilgrim 0

Deaf Pilgrim

The question was: Another reason I am a little nervous is because I am deaf. Completely so. Because of this, I cannot speak very intelligibly, so I tend to remain mute, and I’m used...

Wooden Walking Sticks or Modern Trekking Poles? 0

Wooden Walking Sticks or Modern Trekking Poles?

The question was: What do you think folks? Wooden Walking Sticks or Modern Trekking Poles? Take the pole (pardon the pun) and follow the “best Camino de Santiago pole“conversation here.

Socks 2


The question was: I have been trying out the new 1000-mile, double layer, Fusion socks. They have a full length achilles tendon padding, arch bracing, extra padding at toe and heels and a Tactel inner layer which...