“The Way” on Netflix soon?

The movie about the Camino de Santiago “The Way” has appeared on the Netflix website.

They note that:

“This title is Unavailable”

..but we are one step closer to release. It will most likely be released in theathres first, then DVD and Netflix. Netflix is a streaming movie service available in the US.

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Buying Rail Tickets on RENFE

The question was:

Based on what I have read on a travel forum (Fodor’s), RENFE now has a policy that unless you have actually purchased a train ticket while physically in Spain during the last year, you will not be able to do it online — the site will reject your CC info. But, apparently there is a website, which is much easier to use than RENFE’s, where you can buy your tickets in advance, getting all the RENFE discounts, with an out-of-Spain credit card. The site is rumbo.es

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Which guidebook for good maps?

The question was:

I am open to suggestions for German or Spanish guidebooks – as long as they have good maps! But I would prefer english. (not a great idea to carry a heavy book in a language I only partially understand :-)

There’s a google-map online of the route – but…do you print out the whole thing piece by piece to bring it along?

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Rainpants or gaiters ?

The question was:

I will be walking the “Norte” in May, wonder if I should invest in gaiters as well, as
the weather seems to be wetter on this route than anywhere else.
I wear Gore-tex boots, but do know that water will find its way through, eventually.
Gaiters plus rain pants the better option ???

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