What is the one Albergue not to miss?

The question was: I am looking for those special Albergues that you past travelers would say could not be missed. Was there a memorable meal, experience, host, that you would say, “Go out of your way to make this happen.” ? Read all the suggestions on what albergues¬†not to miss on the Camino de Santiago

Vegetarian food on the camino?

The question was: I’m a vegetarian and don’t necessarily want to go to a cafe or restaurant every night just to get something that doesn’t have meat in it, I’m not going to have that much money to spend. Do the albergues offer vegetarian meals? Read all the Camino food advice here.

Is it normal to have Second thoughts?

The question was: I have been planning my first Camino (Frances) this summer, but just recently am having second thoughts and thinking maybe I need some encouragement. It’s not any one thing, but several recent factors, including physical ability and finances. Read all the good advice in the forum here.