What is the one Albergue not to miss?

The question was:

I am looking for those special Albergues that you past travelers would say could not be missed. Was there a memorable meal, experience, host, that you would say, “Go out of your way to make this happen.” ?

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How do Internet Technologies impact the Camino Experience?

The question was:

What devices did you decide to take with you and why?
How did you use internet/cyber technologies while doing the pilgrimage?
How do use internet technologies to remain connected to the Camino?

Upon reflection, would you do anything differently in this regard if you could do your pilgrimage over again?

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How much weight did you loose on your Camino?

The question was:

I lost 13Kg on The Way […..] After carrying my pack for 1 month I came to appreciate how much 13 KG really is and how much differnce one or two Kg less can make, I hope to loose it again on my next camino?

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