Is it OK to have no plan at all?

Is it OK to have no plan at all?

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I’ve had some lovely feedback from pilgrims on another post. My question here concerns something different so I thought I’d start a new thread.

I am not much of a planner. In fact I was intending to just turn up in Seville on May 1st and start walking! I have given myself about 7 weeks to reach SdC. I have the CSJ guide and I figured that I would follow the shells and get advice along the way about places to stay, good spots for rest days etc. One of the things I am most looking forward to is not having a set plan and putting aside technology for a while – I don’t intend to have a phone or access email.

I thought I’d see if anyone else takes this approach? Reading through other posts it seems that lots of you are very well organised and its given me a slight pang of concern about my own dis organised approach!

Is there anything that I really do need to plan?

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Guide book or just a map for the Camino de Santiago?

Guide book or just a map for the Camino de Santiago?

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I had just walked the Camino Frances with the Brierley Guide. A couple of friends who plan to walk the CF next year asked me what maps/guides I would recommend. I remember meeting pilgrims with just maps of the camino. I thought that it would have sufficed and are much lighter than my guide book. I looked up the Brierley Maps (NOT Guide) and Ben Cole and Bethan Maps on Amazon (USA). The Brierley Maps was listed at 4 ounces, while the Ben Cole and Bethan Maps at .8 ounces! I have heard that the Ben Cole and Bethan’s lighter, but I don’t think it’s that light LOL For those who have these two maps (Brierley’s and Cole’s), please let me know the actual weights of these two items. BTW, in helping these two friends plan for their CF, I’m thinking of returning next year to walk the Camino del Norte. Any suggestion for Guide/Map for the Norte? Buen Camino.

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What are your expectations for the Camino de Santiago?

Expectations of the Camino de Santiago

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Many people walk a Camino and then say, “It wasn’t at all what I expected.”

Or, (as we’ve seen in another thread) “The Camino failed to live up to my expectations.”

So, what are the expectations?

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Camino Primitivo, comments from a pilgrim

Camino de Santiago

Not really a question, but a very interesting post with comments from a recent walk on the Camino Primitivo.

After having twice exprerienced walking the Camino Frances Route, during the first half of June, 2012 I walked the Primitivo. A few general miscellaneous comments and comparisons follow to add to other comments on the forum.

The route itself is indeed beautiful. While it is more mountainous than the Frances, I did not find any particular part of it any more difficult. The challenge comes in that it is day after day of hills with no easier day’s respite. If I were to recommend between the two routes to a first time Camino traveler I would suggest the Frances. This for the diversity of terrain as well as of the people. If you’ve already done the Frances, the Primitivo is definately worth the experience. (Subject to qualifications described below.)

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Am I the only one who won’t walk in the rain?

Am I the only one who won't walk in the rain?

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I learned on my last long-distance hike that I *hate* walking in the rain. This was reconfirmed yesterday when it started pouring during one of my training hikes. It kind of sealed the deal that, as much as possible, I will not be walking the camino when it’s raining. I’ll either hunker down in a town for a couple days (assuming there’s enough there to keep me interested) or cab ahead. I refuse to spend hours cold, wet and miserable slogging through the rain. I keep reading about people walking day after day in the rain and I can’t believe I’m the only one who isn’t willing to do that…

NOTE: I may be overly-sensitive about the rain given what the recent tropical storm/hurricane has done to the weather patterns here… :)

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