Where are the Paradors along the Camino Frances?

Can you recommend a good hotel in Santiago de Compostela?

The question was:

In reviewing the posts about a good hotel in Santiago there were several comments about Paradors.

Are there many Paradors along the way? I only know of two.

I realize that many (or most) pilgrims may think that choosing a parador instead of an albergues is totally out of character while walking el Camino. I am thinking spending thousands of dollars to get there, being able to take time off from daily routine and from a country where a two-week vacation is a luxury nowadays, should allow me to break a bit from the norm.

Any personal experiences?

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What do you do about food and drink on long stages?

Tortilla Española, Camino de Santiago

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How do others cope with the lack of food and drink places on many of the Caminos?
Having just walked from Toulouse, where there seems to be even more villages without shops or bars than there are in Spain, and I know there are many in Spain, I found I was carrying food and drink for the day, emergency supplies in case there was no food in the evening, supplies to cope with Sundays and Mondays!! It was only when I stopped that I realised how heavy my food bag had become. Does anyone have some secret coping mechanism? how do others manage?

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What is your best advice to reduce the impacts of Jet Lag?

jet-Jet Lag on the Camino de Santiago

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What is your best advice to reduce the impacts of Jet Lag?
Spain is 8 hours ahead of my current time zone and would love to know any proven practices!

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What about Cell phones – SIM with data service on the Camino de Santiago?

SIM card for your Camino de Santiago

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We took unlocked cellphones to Spain a couple years ago. No trouble getting cheap SIM cards (Orange) and they were used in both Spain and France largely to reserve ahead for Gites in France. I would have bought a data plan as well for email service but we were refused because we didn’t have a permanent Spanish address. We are returning to walk the Via Francigenia this fall. We should make it from England to the Swiss border. Has anyone else had this problem of buying a SIM card with data service? Will we run into the same problem in England? France? Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.

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I’m agnostic, should i be walking the Camino de Santiago?

Agnostic pilgrim

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I consider myself an agnostic, from a catholic family. I have agreed to join my Uncle on his journey.

He has been travelling from Le Puy in several stages. He was travelling with a friend who can no longer continue. The last stage, for which will be joining him is from Santander, along the northern route.

I am doing the journey for several reasons; firstly to accompany my 73 year old Uncle and because i believe i will simply enjoy the journey, the countryside, Spain’s food, culture and north coast. I’m very much looking forward to it.

Am i wrong for contemplating this journey? I will obviously respect other’s travellers faith, but I am a little anxious about undertaking this journey as a ‘non believer’.

I’d appreciate your opinions & advice.

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