Can I take the bus to Finisterre?


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I wanna know if there are any bus services I can avail from Santiago to Finisterre? And how much time does it take to reach there by bus? Can I reach Finisterre, spend some time and get back to Santiago in the same day?

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TIP: On photography and camera selection for the Camino

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Not really a question, but some great tips related to photography and the selection of a camera for the Camino de Santiago.

For those of us who love photography, the Camino presents a dilemma. Leaving behind the large print and low light capabilities of an SLR can be stressful. There’s nothing worse than taking in the perfect sunset, only to have it rendered as a noisy mess on your point and shoot LCD. As someone who used to take my big DSLR everywhere, I urge you, leave it behind! You will not miss it. Trust me, you will miss so much of the beauty on the Camino if you have your face planted firmly behind the viewfinder all day.

As an alternative, there are two viable options. The first is to purchase a mirrorless camera with a compact prime. Second, I would suggest that you just use a smartphone and make the apps work for you. I used ProHDR and Camera+ for my iPhone and am really happy with the results.

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Has your camino experience changed who you are as a person?

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I’m fascinated to know if people feel real, lasting changes have taken place in their lives after walking the camino. There is so much expectation and reading various blogs, some people seem to arrive with so much enthusiasm, only to give up after a few days and others can’t wait to start their next walk after spending weeks on the road.

I’d love to hear how the experience affected you – good or bad!

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Should I use insoles?

Should I use insoles?

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I will soon be doing my first Camino. I have two metal plates in my spine from a car accident many years ago, and because of this I need good cushioning in my boots, otherwise my back aches.

I understand a lot of the Camino will be on hard surfaces – tarmac, paving etc – and so cushioning becomes even more important.

Is there a particular brand of boot that has particularly good cushioning? And should I be using additional insoles?

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What is the best starting point for a 2-3 week Camino?

2-3 week Camino
2-3 week Camino

The question was:

I’m thinking of walking the camino for the first time this May.

I have 2/3 weeks (I can’t get any more holiday from work) and was wondering what route would be best for this time of year and time period.

* I will probably be walking alone but would like to meet some other English speakers along the way (I did Spanish at school but am quite rusty). But not so busy that it’s hard to find beds (or occasional peace and quiet).
* I’d like to do something that feels like a complete route in its own right, rather than the last few stages of a longer route (or one broken up by public transport).
* I’d like a route with beautiful scenery and interesting towns/buildings along the way (including religious buildings like monasteries and churches/cathedrals – the religious aspect of the pilgrimage is quite important).

Does anyone have any recommendations?

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