What is your reason to walk the camino?

The question was: I find myself NOT happy in work. VERY happy in love, but nevertheless looking for me and Hoping to find the meaning of my life. Sounds a bit obvious maybe, but i think i need to spend a while with myself and be curious to everything and everyone that passes my way….

Is a 15C sleeping bag warm enough?

The question was: I’m walking the camino frances from mid-March to late April. I prefer to bring my own sleeping bag, rather than using albergue blankets. What rating of sleeping bag do you recommend for the allergies in early Spring? Is 15C too light? Read the conversation about sleeping bag on the Camino de Santiago…

8 reasons why Pamplona is the best starting point

Not really a question, but an opinion on a good starting point for the Camino Frances. Many threads on this forum deal with SJPDP as THE Camino starting point (11.5 % of the Pilgrims start from there), how to reach the place and about the strain and perils of crossing the Pyrenees. Are there any historic reasons…

Camino Francés over Christmas/New year?

  The question was: I’m not long back from my first assault on the Camino Frances which took me from SJPdP as far as Burgos. It was such a great experience, much more than I dared expect and obviously I have to finish it! Now I’m toying with the idea to walk just after Christmas…

Is the AARN backpack a good option?

The question was: I’m walking my first Camino (Frances) September/October 2014. I have heard good things about different packs …. and in particular the AARN packs. Has anyone used these packs? Any advice/info would be most appreciated. Read all about the AARN backpack and the Camino de Santiago here.