45 FAQs on the Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago FAQ

  1. What kind of footwear is best for the Camino de Santiago?
  2. Walking from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela
  3. Can I walk from Leon to Santiago in 2 Weeks?
  4. Can I walk from Porto to Santiago in 10 days?
  5. What is the best starting point for 1 week walk?
  6. Is it safe for a woman to walk alone?
  7. Is it possible to go camping along the Camino de Santiago?
  8. Why do so many start in Saint Jean Pied de Port?
  9. What is the ideal size of the backpack for the Camino de Santiago?
  10. What is the best book on the Camino de Santiago?
  11. Can I walk the camino with a dog?
  12. Do you have some advice for those over 60 wanting to walk the Camino de Santiago?
  13. Backpacks: 28 liters, 30 liters or 40 liters?
  14. Sleeping Bag or just Silk Liner?
  15. Is starting from Pamplona ‘cheating’?
  16. How much does the Camino de Santiago cost?
  17. TIP: Rain gear recommendations
  18. How to train for the Camino de Santiago?
  19. To cross the Pyrenees or not?
  20. How to get from the USA to Saint Jean Pied de Port
  21. What type and size water bottle to take on the Camino de Santiago?
  22. Why do we walk the Camino de Santiago?
  23. 2013 Statistics for the Camino de Santiago
  24. What is the accommodation costs on the Camino de Santiago?
  25. The Camino de Santiago in 14 days, where to start?
  26. Where can I get a pilgrims passport for my Camino de Santiago?
  27. What time of year is best to walk the camino de santiago?
  28. “The Way” on Netflix soon?
  29. Winter Camino – 20 tips
  30. Will I lose weight on the Camino de Santiago?
  31. How to get from Paris to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port?
  32. Can I bring my wooden pole on a flight?
  33. How to Travel from Santiago to Valença
  34. Pilgrim tattoo anyone?
  35. Just returned from the Camino. Advice to others 60+ years
  36. Tips on the Camino Frances
  37. Maps for the Camino de Santiago
  38. Should we get euros before we leave home for the Camino de Santiago?
  39. Should my backpack be 10% of my weight?
  40. Walking the Camino, “Six ways to Santiago”
  41. Walking the Camino Frances a second time. Good or bad idea?
  42. What about Walking in March/April?
  43. Will my debit cards, Visa electron and Maestro work in Spain?
  44. Rick Steves on the Camino de Santiago
  45. I have 11 days to walk, what stages do you recommend?

  • Guest

    When is the best time of year to travel the Camino Frances?

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  • ana c bergh

    I am 73, and plan to do El Camino next Spring. I am recuperating from a broken femur and can walk 2 miles a day on a thread mill. But my will is strong and I want to do this, my health is good and I am preparing to be fit for the journey. I want to be a pilgrim but I would prefer to be comfortable at night and sleep in a good hotel. Are there travel agencies specializing and careering for older people?
    Ana C. Bergh acbergh@aol.com

    • Joe

      Try Camino Travel Center, they may take you under their wing if you explain to them your situation. Usually in albergues (as you will probably have to stay in one at some point), as an elderly gentleman, you will be given the bottom bunk, either by the owner or by another caring pilgrim. I met an 81 year old doing the Camino, he walked the entire 500 miles from St Jean Pied de Port. I think the Camino is sort of “mind over matter”. Good luck with your journey and Buen Camino

  • heini062

    I’m a swiss bloke (the man with the dream which changed his live)
    I’ met a nun (Dutch) in St. Chély d’Aubrac (France) on the 16.6.12 Could somebody help me? . I want to talk to her again.

  • lovemerain

    hi! one question!
    I will start from Madrid. And I go to pamplona by plain. So I will take a train to roncesvalles. How can I get to the pamplona train station from pamplona airport? it is far? should I take a bus? how much is it cost? I have never been to Spain.

    how do I get to roncesvalles from train station ?
    I may buy ticket that day 9/7..

    • prudencio

      First of all !! There is no train going to Roncesvalles , only bus or taxi and i think the bus company is ALSA they go to Roncesvalles and San Juan pie de Port in France.
      Check internet and Buen Camino.

  • can you pick up you pilgrime passport and shell anywhere in st jean?

    • Joe

      No, there is a pilgrim office in St Jean where can collect it, ask anyone who lives there where it is and they will be able to tell you with ease (best person to ask is someone at the train station, or in your hostel)

  • J. Patch G

    I walked the camino recently and was alone for a couple of days. I felt people walking right beside me but there was no one there. Has anyone had that experience?
    Patch patchofcalifornia@gmail.com

  • frog

    we will be walking from england and want to use a two man tent for first third of trip could anybody give any advice

  • SienaYT

    The links are messed up. I clicked on the first 20 questions, and they all led to “”Can I walk the Camino with my dog””. Please fix. Useless as is.

    • Has been fixed now… thanks for letting me know.

  • David

    Fix the links! Few want to walk with their dog… It would be great if the links worked!

    • Has been fixed now…

  • barbara

    I am planning to walk the camino in late march 2013, I am really excited about doing this but I am anxious about the first day, the crossing from St. Jean de pieds de port to Ronscevalles. Is it clear which route one should take in terms of weather conditions, and how is it on the road route if the weather is too bad to cross the mountains? I also feel that I would like to be doing the first day with some others nearby. I would love some advice, I am in my 50’s and have never done anything like this before.

    • Joe

      You will be absolutely fine which ever route you choose. There will be plenty of pilgrims starting out from St Jean, so you will always be near someone, probably a few people. The first day is hard because of the long ascent and fast descent, but not once did I feel alone, looking ahead you see a pilgrim (or a few) and the same if you look behind you.

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  • ejmerv

    I am planning to walk the camino in September. Did the Tongariro Crossing yesterday. I am a New Zealander and would like to know if there is anyone who could
    compare the Tongariro Crossing with the Pyreneese. Also is there anyone from NZ who is doing the Caimo in September.

    • Aileen5

      HI I”m not from NZ but I am doing the camino in September I have no plans but that’s the best part.

      • karen

        I am also planning to do it in September, i am completely clueless and am busy doing some research, I am a South African but i will be in London at about that time.

  • We fly in to Vigo. Is it possible to get to Santiago by bus directly from the airport in Vigo?

  • Pilgrim meal? What does the typical pilgram meal consist of? Do you normaly get a breakfast meal at the hostel?

    • Joe

      Normally, private albergues will offer a breakfast, sometimes included in the price, but usually is an extra €3 or so, it is usually just coffee, toast, jams, orange juice, croissants, biscuits.When you arrive they will ask you, and sometimes they even do an evening meal for €10 or so. Many restaurants offer Pilgrim Meals, either Menu del dia, or Menu del peregrino, you will see this very often and the price can vary from €8-15 for a full meal including starter, main and dessert (wine and bread usually included). A typical meal will consist of starters, usually soup or salad from my experience. Then the main is a variety of meat with chips, fish with chips, or something else. Dessert will probably be a yogurt, ice cream or fruit.

  • Samantha

    where is the best place and closest place to fly in for the El Camino de Norte starting in Irun?

    where is the best place to fly out of near Santiago de Compostela?

  • Joahusa

    Toilets along the Way. Curious where ladies go to the bathroom where there are no facilities along the Way.

    • Joe

      You are never far away from a cafe or bar, but there are some long stretches where you may need to use the “wild”, but there are lots of places, just walk 20 metres off track behind a tree or bushes, just remember to take some tissue or ask a fellow pilgrim if they have any, they’ll understand.

  • Cynthia

    Does anyone have any experience with nut allergies and eating on the pilgrimage?

    • Joe

      Hey, last year I was walking with a group of teenagers and one of them had severe allergies to nuts, sesame seeds and fish… finding a translation and writing this on a piece of paper in spanish was very useful when in restaurants and cafes. We had no problems at all, there is a lot of variety for food on the Camino

  • Ksalud

    Recommendation Hostel in Ferrol, not far from bus station. We will be arriving after a 6 hr bus from Madrid.Gracias

  • Inten Tirkasari

    Hi, Is there any way i can ship my baggage to the end of the journey, for im planning to do another trip after this?
    Most likely from Biarritz to Santiago.

    Thanks 🙂

  • mkvaughn86

    I’m planning (roughly) to complete my camino in Santiago on 1 Nov before continuing on to Muxia/Finisterre – I am trying to determine if 1 Nov – All Saints Day is a good or bad time to arrive in Santiago – one one hand I can see the spiritual benefit of an “all Saint’s Day” mass but perhaps they won’t hold the pilgrim’s mass that day and/or all of the compostela/tourist offices and sites will be closed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Lynda Chandler

    is there a service to send some luggage onto Santiago from Sarria and a storage depot?

  • Katerina

    Hi, i’m planning on starting the Camino Frances in a few weeks. I have been travelling for a while so I have a lot of things that I don’t want to take with me while walking. Does anyone have advice as to where I could leave a guitar and bag of things? Will be in Madrid beforehand but could be there, Pamplona or somewhere in between!

  • John

    Is it possible to get lost ?

  • MaryC

    Finishing this years Camino in Carrion de los Condes and flying out from Santiago. Does anyone know the quickest way to get there. Bus seems to take 7 hours.

  • Valerie

    Hi, I am proposing to do the French Way walk in May. I am flying in to Santiago and need to get to Sarria. Has anyone any advice on best way to get there? I have tried looking up bus routes but only english site brings me as far as Lugo – nothing from there on.

  • Emmy

    G’day from Perth, Western Australia! We are thinking of doing the Camino in July this year with our children, aged 9 and 12. Riding the trail on mountain bikes for 5-6 days has been suggested to us as we think that 20-30km of walking will be hard on the 9 year old. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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  • Julie Pritchard

    I am a Welsh woman who will be walking from St Jean to Pamplona alone end of April. I need help with accommodation?

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  • Roger Andout

    luggage security in the hostels, public accommodation.
    Any suggestions anybody

  • Deidre Rowe

    We are really wanting to see San Sebastián and Bilbao and also take a less busy and picturesque route. Can you do sections of different routes from St Jean to Santiago and still receive the certificate? Northern way and Primitivo onto Santiago is what we were thinking. Any thoughts?

  • Deborah Wellman Powers

    Can I get a bus from Finisterre to Muxia>

  • Peter Hunt

    Can anyone tell me the best way to get from Bayonne to St Jean Pied de Port. I don’t think the train operates between Bayonne and St Jean any more.
    It looks to me that the only way is by Bus or Taxi. We will be arriving in Bayonne via train from Paris on April 19/2017 at about 16:30 hrs. Any input would be appreciated.
    Peter/Brenda, Ajax, Ontario, Canada