6 questions from a Budget Traveler

The 6 questions were:

1. I’m planning to use 10 euros a day (5 for lodging, and 5 for food-can you really buy simple baguettes etc. for less than one euro?) on average. If I bivouac as much as possible (if possible, every other day) this is possible in the summer right?

2. Do Albergues really allow pilgrims (who are not lodging) to use the shower facilities and restrooms for 1~2 euros? There’s a guy in Korea who says he traveled that way.

3. are the tap water safe to drink? I’m taking a LOT of green tea bags…

4. I heard that the pilgrim passports you can get at key villages cost 1 euro. I don’t really care about being certified. Would I still need the passport?

5. I’m a 19-year-old, small Asian female (even for an Asian) I’m in pretty good shape though, and I’d trekked to Lhotse the year before. I’m planning to walk about 25 km~30km a day. Is this feasible? Especially if I want to avoid walking in the hottest parts of the day?

6. I promised to carry a cellphone so I can contact my parents in an emergency. Does anyone know an inexpensive way to get a phone that can dial internationally? (In my case, to Korea)

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