8 reasons why Pamplona is the best starting point


Not really a question, but an opinion on a good starting point for the Camino Frances.

Many threads on this forum deal with SJPDP as THE Camino starting point (11.5 % of the Pilgrims start from there), how to reach the place and about the strain and perils of crossing the Pyrenees. Are there any historic reasons that compel some Pelegrinos to even take taxis from Pamplona toward «the wrong direction» in order to commence in SJPDP?
Imho, these eight reasons would rather speak for Pamplona:
1. – In easy reach by air and by train from Madrid, Barcelona, Biarritz, Bilbao.
2. – A choice of 100 accommodation-options in every category, with several albergues and places to obtain Credencials
3. – A perfect place to shake off the jet lag and to acclimatize to Northern Spain
4. – To do last minute shopping (SIM cards, electric adaptors, medicines, banks, etc)
5. – To have direct postal services (to forward luggage to Santiago)
6. – Offering great sightseeing; this town has a beautiful medieval centre, an impressive Citadel, the Cathedral, Spain’s second largest bullring and many spots of interest.
7. – A great gastronomy, wines and lots of parks
8. – Getting an easy start of the Camino

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