Advice please on ATM cards for France & Spain?


The question was:

I’m an Australian watching the Euro / AUD exchange rate a bit nervously. This is a new thing for me – I’ve never had enough money to worry about such things. (I’ve been left some money, and this is my gift to myself in memory of Dad. I’m not going to be rolling in spare cash as it is, though I know that’s relative.)

Now I’m considering purchasing a card .. maybe two ??? becasuse I’ve heard that’s wise in case of one being unknown to some ATMs in France / Spain. So, I wonder if there are any comments on that.

Also, I’m wondering whther there are any comments on best cards? I’m not travelling until April 2015 now – various unfortunate things have delayed me 12 months, but maybe it’s a good thing, since I’ve read recently that some anniversary of Francis of Assisi in 2014 might increase pilgrim traffic everywhere in Europe.

Besides, now I’ve decided to try to tackle at least some of yje chemin in France, I need more time to work on my non-extistent French. Why the extra? I have no idea. But it feels right to do it.

So, I’d like some opinions about whether it’s a good idea to :

1. buy some Euros now in case the rate worsens .. or is there something I don’t know about this stuff?
2. One card / two cards .. what?
3. Good cards for Australians to get?

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