Am I the only one who won’t walk in the rain?

Am I the only one who won't walk in the rain?

The question was:

I learned on my last long-distance hike that I *hate* walking in the rain. This was reconfirmed yesterday when it started pouring during one of my training hikes. It kind of sealed the deal that, as much as possible, I will not be walking the camino when it’s raining. I’ll either hunker down in a town for a couple days (assuming there’s enough there to keep me interested) or cab ahead. I refuse to spend hours cold, wet and miserable slogging through the rain. I keep reading about people walking day after day in the rain and I can’t believe I’m the only one who isn’t willing to do that…

NOTE: I may be overly-sensitive about the rain given what the recent tropical storm/hurricane has done to the weather patterns here… :)

Read the good advice on walking the Camino de Santiago in the rain here.

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  1. Great Question,My feeling last April was the same.After walking days on end in the rain it didn;t matter anymore because all these wonderful people around me were walking in it too. It formed a very special bond and everyone was encouraging each other that it sort of became a non issue. By the time we reached Galicia and the higher elevation we had to follow the road as the Camino was snowed in. Never stayed an extra day because the people I met kept on pushing on and I had become part of their life too.The poncho which covered everything including my backpack kept me dry and I felt very snug and secure be out in the rain walking alone with pilgrims ahead and behind. Yes it was different this year but would not have missed it. Please don’t be discouraged by the weather

  2. The rain was nothing compared to the -6 degree wind-chill factor winds. The rain was warm compared to the snow. The hail nearly stopped us – but not for long. But gee we loved our ponchos. Gotta love a poncho

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