Any Albergues for Sale?

The question was asked on the forum a few days ago. 

yellow and brown house painting
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I would like to run a Albergue for the next foreseeable future, I have spent the last 29years in kitchens ranging from 5 star hotels, Qe2 and my own restaurant for 7.1/2 years after spending 2 years woofing and paid work on an organic farm and doing Hospice work here in Jersey. I am ready to set my plan into action…So what is my vision what do I need.

My vision is to provide wholesome organic food from a property which with accommodation on the side.
Providing a service and not trying to get rich in the process.
I am under no illusions.
For me it will be a lifestyle choice and keep me busy, doing something I am passionate about ie Food.

What I think I need..Property with land 20 acres.

Any leads greatly appreciated.

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