Are reservations really necessary?

Are reservations really necessary?

The question was:

I really, really, really don’t want to book ahead for accommodation, because for me this brings the pilgrimage back to being like any other trip where I have to plan and make phone calls and book accommodation ahead of time. I just want to wake, walk and find somewhere to stay wherever I arrive at the end of my day. And I don’t want to rush to be somewhere by 1pm so that I can secure a bed. I want to walk without timeframes.

Is this feasible at this time of year (May, June, July)?

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  1. I would recommend you take the Rother Walking Guide Camino de Santiago, everything you need to know is in that little red book, and NO you do not need to book, there are many many albergues along the Camino

  2. Once you start making reservations before you leave home you become a tourogrino (Tourist on a pilgrimage) and not a peregrino (pilgrim). Some walkers called ahead before they reached a village for some albergues does post their posters along the way. I never had my phone switched on so I never called ahead. The pilgrimage becomes more real when you just walk until you reach a village/town/city where you would like to sleep. It makes for so much richer an experience and it adds a little faith and trust to the experience.

  3. I sometimes booked ahead in France, but never in Spain and nor did I rush to get there by 1pm. There were always either plenty of spaces, or the one time the hostel was full, extra space was made available in a sports hall with mattresses, which turned out to be one of my most comfortable night’s sleep. I walked in May and June three years ago and no one I was walking with ever booked ahead.

  4. I never made reservations ahead, I never had my backpack taxid. I just started in the morning and my body and feet told me how far they wanted to go. I always got a bed. Walked for 4 weeks last fall from Burgos to Santiago.I never carried a phone or other techies….other people did and I heard them making reservations for almost everything. They were tourist and not pilgrims

  5. Thank you all. I’m going in September 2015 and I don’t plane to reserve space ahead of time. I’m excited for the adventure.

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