Are there any pilgrims “80 Years old and over”?

Are there any pilgrims "80 Years old and over"?

The question was:

We have had lots of posts about 60 and over, and I am very curious whether there are many 80 years old and over pelegrinos.

I walked every step last year from Somport to Santiago plus a small part of the Arles Camino, a total of 925 kms in 52 days, at the age of 80, and I did hear on the grapevine about an Italian doctor 86 and his wife of 84 who were walking but I did not know how far.

Next year, health being OK, I hope to walk the Via de la Plata, my third Camino.
I must add that I do not wish to start a competition, which is not the spirit of the Camino, but I am just curious.

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  1. I met a spanish couple in 2007 on the Camino Frances. He was 86 and she was 85. They were walking from SJPP to Santiago for the 15th time. In their opinion it was far more entertaining and enjoyable, and less expensive than sitting at home watching tv.
    Jack Gillespie Lancashire England

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