Are there any pilgrims “80 Years old and over”?

Are there any pilgrims "80 Years old and over"?

The question was:

We have had lots of posts about 60 and over, and I am very curious whether there are many 80 years old and over pelegrinos.

I walked every step last year from Somport to Santiago plus a small part of the Arles Camino, a total of 925 kms in 52 days, at the age of 80, and I did hear on the grapevine about an Italian doctor 86 and his wife of 84 who were walking but I did not know how far.

Next year, health being OK, I hope to walk the Via de la Plata, my third Camino.
I must add that I do not wish to start a competition, which is not the spirit of the Camino, but I am just curious.

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