Are there any Wheelchair Friendly Sections of the Camino?

The question was:

My Grandmother is 87 and requires a wheelchair due to heart failure, she can walk, but not very far before getting out of breath.

She has a pacemaker and has been cleared by the doctor to fly. It’s no secret that she’s on borrowed time, but she’s full of life as always and just wants to live her life to the full.

She has always wanted to do the Camino de Santiago and we are thinking to do the last 70km or so over a period of around 5 days. From my limited research so far, it seems the route between Os Valos and Santiago de Compostela is about this length.

My biggest struggle is finding out the quality of the path/inclines etc across the route. We will look at getting an off-road wheelchair with tougher tyres, but if any of you lovely people have any advice, it would be much welcomed!

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