Are you walking the Camino in 2011?

Camino de Santiago

The holy year 2010 is over, and many that decided to wait out the crowds are now preparing their Camino.

For planning your 2011 Camino, please consider joining our forum and also the Virtual Albergue.

The Forum: This is a place were you can get “every” question related to the Camino answered. We have many veteran pilgrims helping out with good advice.

If you are walking the Camino in 2011, feel free to join our “Class of 2011” in this loooong forum thread 🙂 Sign up as a member in the forum, ask questions and prepare your Camino!

Virtual Albergue: This is a lot like Facebook. Share and view photos, videos and experiences. You can also create a group related to your favorite camino topic.

Buen Camino!

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