Baby on the Camino – my takeaways

This was a great post on the forum… here is the first part of it:

We just returned from completing the Ingles with our six-month old baby boy. We actually started in Ireland, then flew to Spain to connect with the Ingles. This is called the ‘Celtic Camino,’ and we did about 170km total. He was no stranger to the Camino – last year while walking the Norte, I became pregnant, essentially walking the entire thing with child without knowing it. We named the resulting child Tiago, of course 

 So, we were anxious to get back out on the Way this year, with him along. We learned a lot in the process, and I thought I’d share it here so others can benefit from our experience if you’re thinking of doing the same thing.

The Ingles is the perfect camino to do with a buggy/stroller. There are really no rough spots at all, and we didn’t have to lift the buggy once. We were traveling with an Out n’ About Sport, which is very affordable, and it held up very well. No complaints. We also used a baby sling about half the time, which he loved, because he felt like he was walking. Most people do the Ingles in 6 stages… we did it in 7, but easily could have done it in 6. We were going our normal speed without baby, which is about 4km an hour.

We didn’t have much fun on this Camino. Partly, I think it’s because there are way less pilgrims and most of them didn’t speak English so we couldn’t communicate. The other issue is that we were not staying in albergues. There aren’t many choices on the Ingles, and we were forced to stay in small hostals and pensions along the way rather than in private rooms in albergues, which would have been perfect. On our last night, in Sigueiro, there was finally an albergue with private rooms, and we met so many people and felt the Camino spirit again. On the Frances, or even the Norte, this wouldn’t have been an issue most of the time, as there are many albergues with private rooms.

Walking the camino with a baby is HARD. The walking is not the hard part. That was easy, and our boy LOVED it. The hard part was getting to your destination in the afternoon, tired from the journey. In the past, this is when we would take a nap, have a shower and a beer, and just relax. With a baby, once you arrive and get him out of the buggy, he is ready to PLAY. So, I found this camino to be doubly exhausting, and it was very hard to find the time to just relax and recover from the day’s walk…..

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