Backpack security – do I need locks and a mesh?


The question was:

I’ll be walking from SJPP in mid April. I’ve read on a couple of blogs that some pilgrims have secured their backpacks in their albergues using a Pacsafe mesh cover.

I’ll be carrying my valuables with me whenever I leave the albergue to go for a walk etc, but is it necessary to use locks and a security device? (The most expensive thing I’ll have in my backpack will be some merino and Gortex clothing.)

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  1. no one I met on my camino had any kind of locker. Bring your valuables to the shower and toilet and when you leave the albergue. I mean you can rip up the backpack with a knife in less then a second….

  2. the only precaution we used was to run our treking poles through the packs of others in our party. We figured if someone was to grab and run, dragging three packs at one time will slow them down. the truly valuables, passports, cash, credit cards narrowed down to two small pouches, always kept in different locations on body. The only theft we encountered was at an Albergue that try to charge us $32 euro for two drinks that traditional cost

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