Backpacks and poles = check or carry on?

Backpacks and poles = check or carry on?

The question was:

In the past few years, we have come up against various “rules” regarding luggage which seem to make no sense. For instance, last week I traveled from California to Oregon via air. I called the airlines ahead of time to be sure my luggage was of the size & weight to carry on, only to have them tell me at check-in that the luggage must be checked, which cost me a whopping $40 instead of the $15 I was prepared to pay for the one extra bag.

Sooo.. we’d like to be prepared when it comes to our backpack and hiking poles.

Does anyone have any recent experience flying on British Air from the USA to Spain/Europe?

Read the good advice on checking poles or backpack while traveling to the Camino de Santiago.

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  1. From England to Spain my friend and I put all the sharp or liquids and poles in one ruck sack and that went in the hold. The other ruck sack went as hand luggage. All sorted at our destination.

  2. My experience was St. Louis, MO to Miami on Southwest; then LAN from Miami to Lima, Peru to hike the Inca Trail. Was told that my trekking poles would not be allowed as “carry on” since they were I guess what you would call in the “dangerous weapons category”. But walking aids are allowed. So I put rubber guards on the tips, limped a little and Voila, my weapons turned into walking aids. I also got a note from my physician, but no one asked for it or questioned me about anything. After all my work to be sure I’d be OK!

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