Bear between Ponferrada and O Cebreiro

Photo from La Voz de Galicia

La Voz de Galicia has an interesting article today that tells of a bear that was killed on the highway between Ponferrada and O Cebreiro. This is pilgrim territory, so I thought I would create a post on this here.

Bears are not common in this area, and this is the first time one has been killed by a car. The bear itself was about 1,80 meters tall and had a weight of about 100 kg.

The exact location of the accident was at Trabadelo in the province of León, about 4 km from O Cebreiro.

4 Replies to “Bear between Ponferrada and O Cebreiro”

  1. I am so sorry for this. Our friends in the wild do not understand the inroads that we have made into their homes, and they are paying for this with their lives.

    Rest in peace, our bear brother.


  2. I walked the same route in April, maybe he/she was already around…I’m sure I would have been scared if we meet, but still, I’m so sorry for the death of the poor bear…:(


    P.S.:Lynne Sihvonen, you are right!

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