Bedbug undersheet – worth it?

bedbug undersheet - worth it?

The question was:

Planning my first Camino in the spring, thinking about the dreaded bedbugs. Apart from spraying with Permethrin etc – and I don’t, please, want to re-open the debate about that, it has been well-discussed elsewhere! – I have a specific question.

Lifeventure (and probably other people too) sell a bed bug undersheet, like a mesh mattress cover, impregnated.

Is this worth purchasing? Part of me thinks yes, minimal weight, only costs a few £, added protection etc; but on the other hand, it presumably won’t prevent bedbugs from getting into my clothes, towel, backpack, boots etc unless they stay said on said sheet the entire time (ie once they are hanging on bedframes etc).

Views please – anyone used one? Did it help?

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  1. I brought this on the camino but it was very small. Ended up having to duck tape it to the bed as it’s width and hight were about relative.

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