Best Way to Handle Bedbugs On the Camino de Santiago

Bed Bug

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So, my preventative measures failed and Im pretty sure Im carrying some unwelcome guests in my sleeping bag. I was bitten badly one night even after I stopped sleeping in by bag, and was bitten only slightly for the few following nights when I slept in my bag. Ive since stopped using my sleeping bag and I havent gotten any new bites. But heres the question; whats the best way to get bedbugs out of your stuff when your on the camino? Bad news is is that my sleeping bag is down, too. Ive looked everywhere for suggestions on what to do, but I havent found anything.

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  1. To avoid get bitten eat b vitamine! All of my friends got bitten on the camino but i ate berocca everyday and didnt notice anything untill all my vitamines was eaten. But its still good to get rid of the bed bugs with the dryer but its nice to not have bites untill you find a dryer on the camino!

  2. I was one of the unlucky ones who got bit both times I walked the camino… the best thing to do is wash everything in hot water and then dry it. Then take your backpack, shoes, and anything else you couldn’t put in the washer and put them in a black plastic garbage bag and leave it out in the sun for a few hours. I also found a spray that claimed to kill bedbugs in a little shop that I sprayed all over my backpack, but I’m sure it was toxic. Anyways, it seemed to work for me!

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