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  1. To guarantee their will not to get blisters is impossible, of course, shoes are important, here, there are many shoes to choose from, but it is very important is the type of socks you choose, here is a link that has types of stockings that I have good experiences


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  2. Last year I walked 45 days starting in Saint Jean Pied de Port on August 20. Never had blisters. I used Timberland boots No. 11 Wide. The secret was using panty women socks below the thick white socks, and a lot of talc powder.

  3. Vaseline! I was teased but carried a giant thing of vaseline and slathered my feet before I started in the morning and ended at night. Walked for 3 weeks and I think my feet were actually smoother and softer at the end than when I started!


  4. A few years ago, my husband and I walked for 4 weeks on the camino, and we never got blisters. I have always worn Smartwool socks. They are made with merino wool and work like a charm, and I have never used liners, nor did I use any kind of ointment or powder. Never use cotton or synthetic fabric.

  5. Never had a blister…make sure your shoes are big enough for the feet to swell, use smartwool socks, don’t tie your boots too tightly and if they blister use the needle and thread method. Poke a threaded needle through the blister and pull the thread through. leave the thread in for a few days to let the blister drain. Also, before a blister, the second you feel a hot spot on your foot, take off your shoes and socks and slap some duct tape on the spot. Duct tape is the only thing that sticks like it does. Leave the tape on for a few days and there will be no blister. The tape stops any rubbing of the sock on the foot. People say Compeed (available everywhere in Spain) does the same thing but I have never used it.

  6. I found in 41 days doing the Seville route that the best thing was to take off boots and socks at about the half way mark each day. Dry them out and massage feet. I had the occassional blister on my toes which I then covered with a compeed (skin like bandaid) and after 4 days just took it off, the blister was burst and then it just healed. Another recommendation that I didn’t use was a fatty cream called Hirshtalg Creme. I used two pair of synthetic socks and the theory is that the socks rub together and prevent blisters. I developed horny skin on the ends of my toes that was protective and just fell off when I stopped walking. I wore well trained Scarpa boots and generally my feet were very happy doing 1,000k.

  7. I used to suffer a lot from blisters until someone pointed me out to the solution. It’s like a miracle:
    Wrap your feet with NIVEA cream until their completely covered and white, than put your stocks on and it’ll be just perfect.
    Bom caminho –>

  8. I bought 1000 miles socks from England – they are guaranteed non-blisters – and can I tell you, I had NONE on my second camino. I am sold on them, big time!


    PS I am a two time pilgrim and am not endorsing anything for fees – I am solely sharing what worked for me.

  9. Slather your feet with Vaseline or Sports Slick every morning, use sock liners, and bring clean socks to change at midday. And, most important, buy boots that fit 6 months before you begin the Camino and train in them.

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