Bus Tickets in Spain.. pre-purchase or not?

The question was:

I’ve been perusing bus info to Pamplona and then beyond. Wondering what some of my more experienced friends here have to say regarding buying the tickets ahead of time. Or are there usually enough seats and nothing to worry about?

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  1. I would definitely purchase them. When we traveled from Pamplona to Roncesvalles, there was only one bus time, at 4, and there were 2 buses completely full. One made stops while the other was direct. We purchased our tickets that same day at noon, expecting a sooner departure, but we were so lucky we made it. I would definitely recommend doing so.

    Also, we left from Logroño to Madrid at 8 am. We purchased our tickets a few days in advance and were lucky to have done so. When showing up at the bus terminal, not one ticket office was open that early. I hope that helps 🙂

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