See Places on a map

When you are at that time of day when you are looking to eat or find a place to sleep. Open the app and places around you will appear as a list or on a map. The map will show you pins where the places are located, and your present location.

Leave Comments on Places

When walking, you can leave comments on places that you stop at. Reading other pilgrims comments might help you with deciding what places you would like to stop at.

Upload and see photos of Places

When leaving a comment on a particular place, you can upload images (max 3) of this place. You can also see the photos that other pilgrims have left at this place.

Private Conversations with "Nearby" pilgrims

If you have this turned on in the App settings, you can see other app users that are using the app "near you". They will be categorized in 3 categories. Within 10km, Within 30km and Within 60km. There is an option to send them a private forum conversation from within the app.



Much more up-to-date than your Guidebook

This app can not replace your guidebook, but when it comes to having up-to-date information on Places along the Camino, this app is it!

Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions

Does this app work on all caminos?

Yes, this app is not restricted to any particular Camino. In fact, it is not restricted at all. Feel free leave pilgrim related comments where you live. Only pilgrims close to you will see them.

Is there a version for Android?

Not right now. My idea is to create a good stable version for iOS, then make a copy of that for Android.

Do I need to be a Camino Forum member to use this app?

Yes. You log into the app with the same username/password that you use in the forum. Your avatar (small image) will also be used in the app.

Do you need an internet connection to use this app?

Yes. The first thing this app does when you start it is to log you into the Camino Forum. If it is expensive for you to use your dataplan from home, you can use this app wherever there is a wifi connection along the Camino.

I have a question or a comment about this app. Where do I ask my question?

I have created a separate forum for the Camino Places app. Feel free to comment or ask there.

Why does this app cost money?

This application has been programmed by an IT company here in Santiago, this means that I have paid them for making it for me. I charge for the app so that I can recover my expenses.

More Questions?

Ask your question over in our "Camino Places App" help forum.