“All” Albergues on the Camino Frances in one pdf

Albergues on the Camino Frances

Albergues on the Camino Frances
Saint Jean Pied de Port to Santiago and Finisterre

InformationNow also available in our Camino Frances section.

Inspired by some previous work on lists of albergues and seeking a combined list of references for albergues on the Camino Frances that brought various strands of information together in one place, we decided, to produce such a single list. One of the drivers was to be able to store this digitally and access it on the camino from a mobile phone.

The list was produced by trawling through guide books, internet sites and any other reference material. It does not deal with double or single rooms just simple pilgrim albergue accommodation. There are probably some that we have missed, some that are no longer in operation some where the details are in error but it is the best list that we have seen available to pilgrims.

This list of albergues on the Camino Francés has been created and is maintained by:

V1.7 of the pdf (updated July 18th 2013)

NEW! Original Excel file also available here.

Do you have updates to this lists? New albergues or maybe you know a place that has since shut down? Please report this in this forum thread so that the document can be updated.

Buen Camino!

29 Replies to ““All” Albergues on the Camino Frances in one pdf”

  1. I am so tech-lacking. Leaving in a few weeks for my first camino. Is there an easy way to explain how to get this onto my old iphone from my home in Mexico? Or is this impossible.

  2. I will walk Camino next year 2014 but I am geting ready now in January 2013. This download is absolutely amazing I have just only one question if you would be so kind and provide me with interpretation refuge facilities abreviation meaning.

    K – I assume is use of kitchen

    W – Washer

    D – Drayer

    B3E – breakfast for 3 euro

    M9E – ????????????

    my e-mail address is kacnie@yahoo.com

    Nela Kacprzak, London, Ontario

    YOur help is greatly appreciated

  3. Im currently in melide and theres a new one that just opened. Albergue melide at avd lugo, it opened apparently just a week ago and looka really nice… well its new lmao. 10 €. Ill have to see about the experience by tomorrow morning, but for now, I’m impressed lol. No menu del perigrino though, but kitchen. I have no clue where the nearest supermarket is …

  4. The list of albergues can be source of misunderstanding. There are a lot of villages where you can find perfect place to stay fro pilgrims but these are not albergues but for example pensions. Many times these are cheaper and much more comfortable with better feeling. If you see this list you can think that the albergues are the only and best place to stay during your walk, but this is not true.