PDF Guide: Via de la Plata

PDF Guide: Via de la Plata

This pdf document was created by our forum member jirit as he was preparing to walk the Via de La Plata in 2013. He posted this document as well as his preparations here in this forum thread.

With his permission I am adding this pdf document here as well.

Download the Via de la Plata PDF guide here

(Version 1.0 – Updated March 12th 2013)


3 Replies to “PDF Guide: Via de la Plata”

  1. I walked the Via de la Plata in 2006 on my own (aged 55 at the time) and had some quite different views of the accommodation to those on your PDF! It’s an amazing journey of the soul as well as the sole – head and feet together!). Hope you are enjoying it.

  2. going to do stage 8 in sept with a friend. not with a group.! will we find our way easily signposted from sarria ? we plan to stop each day when tired and just random book lodging’s. is this stupid idea ????