Albergue Municipal in Hornillos del Camino

Albergue Municipal in Hornillos del Camino
Photo by our forum member KinkyOne.

Private alternatives in Hornillos del Camino

Number of beds  60
Cost of bed (€)  6
Included in price
Refuge facilities
(See key below)
Telephone  947 411 050
Street Address  Plaza de la Iglesia
Website or email address
 Key: Alt.=Alternative route;
B=bed breakfast;
W=Washing facilities;
D=Drying facilities;
V=Vending machine;
P=Picnic pack;
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7 Replies to “Albergue Municipal in Hornillos del Camino”

  1. This albergue is in a nice village, but it is very dirty, with bed bugs and mice. It was the only albergue on the Camino that I really didn’t like.

    1. I agree! It was extremely dirty, and I ended up with a terrible rash on the side of my face from bugs or something, even though I used silk pillow covers. Yikes! Avoid this place at all costs .

  2. This albergue was one of the most bad aubergues during my camino.. It was dirty and the personal was unpleasant. The only restaurant in town was good. Don’t forget taking food with you for the next morning.

  3. I did not enjoy this place, but was put in the old gymnasium as overflow so can’t speak to the main building. It was a cold dirty shell and I ended up trapped in the bathroom because the lock mechanism decided to break. A full door. Couldn’t get out. Much yelling, then much patience until someone could bash the door in. At least I had somewhere to sit…

    Only one restaurant in the town, so nearly impossible to eat there with so many folks. One small tiende where bread, cheese and tomatoes were happily available. And there is a nice stream to put your feet in.

  4. I stayed in this albergue and had the most wonderful night. They were very generous, giving us food when everything was closed. They had a big fire and a beautiful kitchen and it was very clean.