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  1. Warning–Bedbugs in Albergue la Parada in Reliegos
    On July 5, we were to stay in a double room (two twin beds–Room C). We unmistakedly found live bedbugs, and bedbug stains on both the beds on the sheets and pillowcase. We notified the staff, who came to look and claimed the insects were “mosquitoes.” We quickly removed our items and made arrangements to stay elsewhere, in Leon. To our dismay, the La Parada staff did not seem to know how to handle the situation as they then proceeded to flap the bedding around and move blankets from one room to the next, and back again, which surely will spread the problem. It was evening, so the manager was off duty, however the maids’ comments gave the indication that he is aware of this problem, and yet is renting out the room.