Hospital Peregrinos de San Anton Castrojeriz

Hospital Peregrinos de San Anton Castrojeriz
Photo by our forum member KinkyOne.

Private lodging alternatives in San Anton Castrojeriz

Number of beds  12
Cost of bed (€)  Donate
Included in price
Refuge facilities
(See key below)
 M&B-donate, no electricity
Street Address  Convent of San Anton, 3.6km before Castrojeriz
Website or email address
 Key: Alt.=Alternative route;
B=bed breakfast;
W=Washing facilities;
D=Drying facilities;
V=Vending machine;
P=Picnic pack;
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1 Reply to “Hospital Peregrinos de San Anton Castrojeriz”

  1. What a fabulous albergue! This was my favourite. The setting is truly amazing, in an old semi ruined monastery that used to cure people from the fire. The history of this place is phenomenal and once the sun goes down, the atmosphere is so thick you can cut it. Nice clean dorm and shower. Lovely plants in the garden in the middle. Great communal meal and singing afterwards and all for donativo. Here you really feel like a true pilgrim.