7 Replies to “Logroño to Nájera”

  1. We ended up stoping at Hotel Las Aguedas in Ventosa because we got caught mid-day in the heat and couldn’t make it to Najera. Great amenities, there was a kitchen but no market to buy food to cook! Overall it was a very comfortable stay, we were thankful for the break from the summer sun (even if it was a bit pricey).

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  3. The kitchen seemed OK but there is no shop or really anything in the town other a bar. I disagree very much with the “Top 5” note below for the horrible San Saturnio in Ventosa albergue in Ventosa. It is clean enough but the woman running it really hates pilgrims or sees them as children to be controlled and humiliated. It is run by a nasty German woman who follows and watches you (arms-folded) all the time and turfs her pilgrims out at 7:59 no matter what the weather is. After a long day walking another friend and me were a bit ahead of our other four friends and we thought about stepping off the main trail to stay here. When we asked to see the rooms (so we could report back) the nasty woman said “Zis is a refugio, NOT a hotel!”. My friend then asked meekly, “well, is it a nice place to stay?” to which it replied “Ha, ask me that in the morning!”. Our friends were too tired to continue when they got there and stayed – they were very unhappy the next day. (We had moved on after the being talked to like that).