Albergue Monasterio de Benedictinas in León

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Alternative private Lodging in León

Number of beds  132
Cost of bed (€)  5
Included in price  B&B
Refuge facilities
(See key below)
 W, D, V, @, Cred
Telephone  987 252 866
Street Address  Plaza Santa María de Camino
Website or email address
 Key: Alt.=Alternative route;
B=bed breakfast;
W=Washing facilities;
D=Drying facilities;
V=Vending machine;
P=Picnic pack;
Download PDF with “All” albergues on the Camino Frances here.
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5 Replies to “Albergue Monasterio de Benedictinas in León”

  1. Centrally located near the cathedral this albergue in the Benedictine
    convent, Santa Maria de la Carbajalas, is very hospitable; often at the
    entrance desk a big bowl offers delicious homemade cookies! There are
    large separate dorms and washroom facilities for men and women pilgrims.
    There is no pilgrim kitchen, but you can make a cup of coffee or tea in
    the breakfast area. Simple, very clean, and now well heated in winter
    and it also serves a copious free breakfast.

  2. Very strict with closing time in the evenings . Pilgrims are told to be in by 9pm and after 9.30 you will sleep elsewhere. A little too regimented for me. BUT! , It is in the old town where as the municipal option is almost a mile away from the Cathedral.

  3. Great mass and the French guy volunteer that checks you in is amazing. I found the bed area a little dirty and also had to hold my breath when entering the dorm area past the laundry??..cobwebs..but everyone was very nice and the court yard is amazingly peaceful. I waited in line 5-2013 for about 30 min with 30 people ahead of me but it probably is swamped in summer..the nuns were so sweet so it didn’t matter about the cobwebs..

  4. Gender separated everything. Decent sleeping area. Nice courtyard. Eat elsewhere for dinner. The city has much to offer. breakfast was fine.