Albergue De Monte Irago in Foncebadón

Albergue De Monte Irago in Foncebadón

Number of beds  35
Cost of bed (€)  8
Included in price
Refuge facilities
(See key below)
 M9€, B3€, W, D, K, V
Telephone  695 452 950
Street Address  Foncebadón
Website or email address
 Key: Alt.=Alternative route;
B=bed breakfast;
W=Washing facilities;
D=Drying facilities;
V=Vending machine;
P=Picnic pack;
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7 Replies to “Albergue De Monte Irago in Foncebadón”

  1. Hilarious Hippy Hostel…good food, good music and great flaming orujo! Slept like a Lord, probably due to the fact was drunk as a Lord!

  2. My first time at this private albergue I stayed 3 days due to a heavy
    snowstorm. Located in the tiny village of Foncebadon which only a few
    years ago was a ruin this is a comfortable spot named after nearby Monte
    Irago. The main dorm, shower and toilet are upstairs; a cozy open
    fireplace, dining area and shop selling pilgrim supplies and basic foods
    are on the ground floor. Passing pilgrims can stop for coffee or a
    snack; those that stay can also purchase delicious meals including
    vegetarian options. Yoga sessions are also available. .

  3. This was the best albergue of my entire camino Frances. We had a great time with the friendly hospitaleros and I saw more stars that night than I’ve ever seen in my life. It was a cozy, relaxed atmosphere that I will never forget!

  4. ~ This is my absolute number one albergue in the Camino Frances. I had walked all day and arrived at Foncebadon around 6-7pm. I was in a really good mood until I met an unpleasent man at a close by albergue/restaurant. He changed my mood so bad that when I got to De Monte Irago I did not want to follow any rule (remove your shoes, remove your back pack). Really, I turned into a witch! The lady that greeted me was sooo nice to me but I was ready to walk to the next town if she obligated me to remove my shoes. After all, I wasn’t sure I was going to stay there. She was soooo nice… OMG. I finally removed my shoes and my backpack. I walked up to the second floor insisting that I had to had a bottom bed “because I am too tired to claim to the top, ok?” I declined every possibility she offered. I was a witch!!!!! She eventually opened the door to the “attic”, third level. I was very verbal and said to her, “how do you expect for me to walk to this level carrying my backpack and deal with badly designed stairs?” Again, I had turned into a “witch”….. 🙂

    No soon I got to the “attic” I smelled incense, heard a crystal bowl unforgettable sound and saw a pilgrim getting a massage. There was a bunk bed with an open bed available for me (!) but when I saw the other options (mattress on the floor), I decided to take the floor.

    Long story short (I know, too late!), I joined the other pilgrims during a delicious dinner (paella, salad, fresh bread, wine, home made goat yogurt and fruits), listened to beautiful meditation/yoga music and slept right below the sunroof you see on the above picture; talk about sleeping under the stars!

    Right after my shower (wonderful hot water pressure, and a window view to the mountains) and right before dinner I apologized to the beautiful soul that had put up with all my crap earlier. I asked her to forgive my temporary madness and assured her that I wasn’t like that in my day to day life but for some reason….. She was so forgiven and true on her response that we hugged like two good friends.

    The atmosphere, the food, the fireplace, the tiny shop, the hospitaleros, the coziness of the albergue were unique. You get all that and then some (massage) for a very reasonable price. Loved loved loved De Monte Irago. Well worth it!!

  5. I loved this place! Terrific food, including vegetarian!! Great breakfast too. We were in the barn out back, so average accommodation(mattress on a floor) and the shower never got hot, but there were big rabbits and chickens and I watched the moon set in one direction and the sun rise in the other. A fine moment.

  6. I’d like to agree with the other posts. I left Astorga after a skinful the night before. I vowed never to touch a drop again and threw my fags in the bin. I was back on them again when I arrived knackered at the hostel. I had a mattress in the barn and it was great. Talked to a lovely couple who worked there and met a few people from earlier on the camino. One of the highlights for me.