Albergue Xacobeo in Arzúa

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Number of beds  48
Cost of bed (€)  5
Included in price
Refuge facilities
(See key below)
 W, D, K
Telephone  660 396 824
Street Address  c/ de lugar, 6
Website or email address
 Key: Alt.=Alternative route;
B=bed breakfast;
W=Washing facilities;
D=Drying facilities;
V=Vending machine;
P=Picnic pack;
Download PDF with “All” albergues on the Camino Frances here.
The information listed above was accurate, but might since have changed. Please contribute with updates in this forum thread.

2 Replies to “Albergue Xacobeo in Arzúa”

  1. This comfortable albergue is an attractively renovated old school and
    very well maintained. Operated by Galicia; it is open all year from
    13:00. Old field-stone walls are handsomely combined with new slate
    floors. On the second level two dorms house 50 pilgrims. Off the
    entrance is the pilgrim kitchen and separate spacious tiled
    toilet/showers rooms for men and women. Best of all the hot shower
    sprays you and not the walls!

    I have stayed here 7 times and always enjoyed it; at 5€ per bunk it is a
    bargain. What BLISS it was to arrive, open the door and step into
    surrounding heated warmth when I was tired, wet and chilled!