Albergue Parochial in Grañón

Albergue Parochial in Grañón

Number of beds  40
Cost of bed (€)  Donate
Included in price
Refuge facilities
(See key below)
 B, M
Street Address  Church of San Juan Bautista
Website or email address
 Key: Alt.=Alternative route;
B=bed breakfast;
W=Washing facilities;
D=Drying facilities;
V=Vending machine;
P=Picnic pack;
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9 Replies to “Albergue Parochial in Grañón”

  1. when we first walked into to a big empty room filled with thin plastic matresses, we almost changed our minds. we were so glad we didnt as we had such a happy communal meal and the auberge had such character and history. We slept very well on those mattresses too..

  2. One of the best on the Camino! The evening reflection time at the church choir and then the possibility to sleep there! Amazing; just the 3 of us, we turn the lights to illuminate the altar in the middle of the night – how much more spiritual can it get?

  3. This albergue, in the belfry of the church of San Juan
    Bautista, is VERY special. Open all day its sign reads “Welcome pilgrim make
    this your home”. The handsome common room has a fireplace and
    comfortable furnishing. Above on a continuous platform are mats for
    pilgrims’ sleeping bags. Kitchen and toilets are new and well equipped. One can
    really relax. Everything is
    done to make each pilgrim feel at home. Hospitaleros are always warm
    and helpful while the communal meals are most pleasant. This is
    authentic caritas. Long may it last. Each time I am here I want to stay forever!

  4. The ‘Holy Grail’ of albergues. 6 star rating – not for the facilities but for the most incredible Parroquial experience. My number one! HOSVOL hospitaleros are the perfect hosts. Pilgrims are encouraged to help prepare the communal evening meal. The magic justs seems to happen everytime.

  5. An ok albergue, but personally I left wondering what all the fuss was about and why everyone raves about it so much. Granon isn’t one of the Camino’s more interesting halts for the day and if you are not into hanging around playing cards all afternoon and evening, there wasn’t much here. The communal meal was ok, but not as special as the hype.

  6. I had a wonderful evening here. The hospitalero was very welcoming, and worked hard to prepare us a meal. It was a bitterly cold day when I was here, and I enjoyed some quiet time by the fire with some others.