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Sousel is a fairly nondescript town with one interesting quirk for pilgrims: a now-abandoned building with two scallop shells and two swords carved into the façade at Rua de São Pedro 30. Nearby, Hospedaria de Roda is a 3-star hotel that has a modern shell and sword on its façade as an homage to the earlier building, thought to have been an albergue.

The Road:

Leaving Sousel, an easy-to-miss arrow on the N372 road on the outskirts of town directs pilgrims off the road to the left.

Shortly after returning to a paved road 6.5km before reaching Fronteira, the camino turns off the road to the left and follows the disused railway line parallel to the road. The first 2km of this path is on ballast and is quite difficult, especially the first part. Consider staying on the road for those 2km, then turning onto the railway tracks when you reach the sign for the Monument to the Battle of Atoleiros. At this point, the railway tracks turn into a walking-friendly eco path all the way to Cabeço de Vide.

After slightly more than 2km on the eco path, the camino turns off to the left and makes a large loop through the centre of Fronteira that is not strictly necessary. If you’re staying at the Bombeiros in Fronteira or going on past the town, stay on the more direct eco path instead.

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Accommodation in Sousel