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The first arrow and shell for the camino can be found at the Church of Santiago. This church was originally built in the late 13th century (no later than 1270), shortly after the reconquest of Tavira in 1242. It suffered heavy damage in the 1755 earthquake and was subsequently rebuilt. An image of Santiago the Moor-slayer adorns the façade.

Behind the Church of Santiago, the Church of Santa Maria was also rebuilt after the earthquake but retained some of its earlier elements. Look out for the Capelo do Senhor dos Passos, a 16th-century chapel with a wooden Manueline vaulted ceiling. The vault joints have symbols carved into them, including crosses for the Order of Santiago and the Order of Christ. In the apse of the church, there’s a tombstone for seven knights of the Order of Santiago who died in the reconquest of Tavira.

The Road:

Leaving Tavira, there are painted yellow arrows on the ground leading from the Church of Santiago across the Roman bridge and out of town.

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