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Ponte de Lima is a charming town with a small market center. The 30 arched bridge over the Rio Lima leads to the albergue and Santiago, but before you cross it be sure to have a walk around the town. The not to be missed bits are the Largo de Camões (the main plaza near the head of the bridge), the Iglesia Matriz, and remnants of the old defensive walls the Torre de San Paulo and the Torre Cadela. There are several other churches and chapels around town, and all of them pay tribute in some way to the pilgrimage to Santiago. For a quiet and beautiful place to rest, cross the river to the Parque do Arnado.

Once over the bridge, you find a museum of toys and the albergue.


Ponte de Lima has played host to a very large festival known as ‘As Feiras Novas’ every second weekend in September since 1826. It is a massive party, and if you have not made a reservation long in advance, you may find yourself without a home for the night. 


As Ferias Novas, the town festival, is celebrated without pause on the second weekend in September, a three-day feast.


The bridge of the Rio Lima gives the town its name and has been around for quite some time. The oldest 7 arches are Roman and from the 1st Century, the most recent are Medieval and were finished in 1370. Your feet will not be able to tell the difference.

The Road:

Cross the bridge, passing the museum of toys and the albergue and turn right on the first street. The camino joins a small country lane, passes under the highway, and into Arcozelo

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Accommodation in Ponte de Lima

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